Create Your Own Film Festival

For those who enjoy watching films, waiting for the latest releases can undoubtedly be full of anticipation. You have read the synopsis, checked who plays the main characters, and now you have to wait for the film to premiere at a festival to see what the critics make of it. And even then, it may be several months before the film is shown in your local cinema. All this hanging around can be pretty dull, so why not create your own film festival?

Invite Your Friends

To make this a fun, sociable experience, invite your friends round into what will be your screening room. Of course, your friends will play the role of celebrities at your festival and will need a red carpet to show their importance. Obviously, it would be too expensive to recarpet a whole room, but you can achieve a luxury feel with round rugs from Trendcarpet. Simply head over to their website with its hundreds of options.

Furnishing the Room for Your Festival

Finding an equivalent to a red carpet for your guests is the first step. On the Trendcarpet website, there are helpful features to help narrow down your choice. By opting for a round rug, you will have a practical addition that can be used in any room. And by filtering the options on Trendcarpet, you will be astonished to find they have over 600 rugs where red is the dominant colour.

Select Your Films

Now you have set up the room for your invited friends, you need to decide what films to show at your festival. Ideally, they should be relatively new and perhaps in different genres. After your friends have made their grand entrance onto your improvised red carpet, they can enjoy a glass of champagne and enjoy the films. They can also play the part of critics and give you their honest opinions of the movie.

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