Film festivals – Beginner’s guide 0

Film festivals – Beginner’s guide For those who love films and follow the performances of actors, an attendance to film festivals is one of the most rewarding experiences. In film festivals, producers, actors and directors come together in an identified venue to screen, critique and provide recognition to films.

Famous Film festivals 0

Famous Film festivals Through the years, film festivals has helped define and add glamour to the movie industry. Although the usual media mileage that comes with the production of the films, the massive advertising, and the antics of the actors help put the spotlight on the films, it is

Film festivals – Art of storytelling 0

Where great storylines and effective customer engagement meet Films are produced and directed not just to entertain; through the years, films have been used as platforms to effect social change, send a message and start a movement. And for many acclaimed and ‘independent’ directors today, films have become the

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Nordic Film Festivals Filmmaking is a universal tool for entertainment and storytelling. Although different cultures and communities in the world are diverse and share differences, there are also cultural universals. And one of these universal elements is the love for a great film with a compelling storyline. So it