The Dream of Attending a Film Festival

If you are a true movie enthusiast, your ultimate dream would probably be to attend a film festival. Imagine the excitement of seeing your favorite movie stars and attending a premiere. Festivals are held in locations all over the world, in various countries, and it would be a thrilling experience to set up a schedule to visit each one of them. However, if this ambition is beyond your budget, you may need to find another way to satisfy your festival craving.

Create a Virtual Festival

Having set up a calendar with all the festivals listed, you could create your own event. This will undoubtedly require setting up a specific room in your house and adding appropriate decor, such as prints of famous landmarks and movie stars. For example, if you were recreating the Cannes film festival, you could have a French theme for that particular evening. The Desenio website is simple to navigate, and you can easily find posters that represent France.

A Complete Festival Experience

Continuing with the idea of a virtual Cannes film festival, your posters could include a gorgeous photographic image of a Parisian alleyway. This would evoke a lovely French ambiance. Another stunning poster available at Desenio is that of the √Čtretat Cliffs in France. Having given your room the right atmosphere, you can now consider the whole experience and add a selection of French food and wine to the evening’s festivities.

Your Favorite Stars

Perhaps you yearn for the golden age of movies, and some of your favorite film stars are from the past. You can conjure up some memories by adding some iconic posters of celebrities from Desenio. They have a wide choice which includes Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dean. As these posters are in black and white, they would benefit from a simple frame of silver or copper from the vast selection at Desenio.

The World is Your Oyster

You can repeat these ideas with different countries and purchase the relevant posters to match from the Desenio website. For example, the atmosphere of the Turin Film Festival in Italy could be evoked by posters of an Amalfi cityscape, palm trees in Rome, or a classic Italian scooter.

With a bit of imagination, you can attend your own virtual film festival without leaving home.

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