Nordic Film Festivals

Nordic Film Festivals

Filmmaking is a universal tool for entertainment and storytelling. Although different cultures and communities in the world are diverse and share differences, there are also cultural universals. And one of these universal elements is the love for a great film with a compelling storyline. So it is no longer surprising to find emerging film markets in different parts of the world. Just take the case of the Nordic countries – in the Nordic regions that include Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Norway, filmmaking is considered an important activity that helps promote Nordic culture.

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Nordic Film Festival – Helping promote the Nordic culture

One of the popular film festivals in the region is the Nordic Film Festival that celebrated its fourth edition in 2016. As a leading festival for films in the region, it has become the perfect platform to screen a diverse set of film productions from full-length films, bios to shorts. The festival is also home to some of the popular themes in films including arts and design, horizons, music and of course, human stories. It also hosted some films that tackled political thrillers and movies filled with special effects.

Göteborg Film Festival – From films to seminars and the Nordic Film Market

Another institution in the Nordic film industry is the Göteborg Film Festival that caters to different films that are produced and shown in different parts of the world. Although other film submissions are accepted, the main objective of the film is to introduce a new Nordic production to the world. Started in 1979, this event is one of the early players in the Nordic film industry, and has consistently attracted a huge number of viewers and filmmakers from more than 80 countries. In 2016, this film festival has attracted and screened more than 450 films, enjoyed by more than 30,000 visitors. This is not just limited to film screenings; Göteborg Film Festival is also home to seminars and a film market that helps promote Nordic culture.

Through these film festivals, the most talented filmmakers and actors from the region are given the opportunity to showcase their works and talent. And for the past few years, these festivals became the perfect grounds in showcasing Nordic talent and culture to the world.

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