Promoting Indie Films at Film Festivals: The Extra Mile

Film festivals are a sort of approval stamp for filmmakers. Once your movie gets accepted for screening at a festival, you have achieved a major milestone in the industry.

This is, however, not easy for independent filmmakers out here. They do not enjoy the privileges that mainstream recording companies have. As such, it is important that indie filmmakers put in the extra shift to ensure their work succeeds.

Do Extra Marketing

Once your film is accepted for screening, the journey has only just begun. You now have a massive platform to market yourself, so you ought to milk it dry. Over and above the organizers’ marketing, you also need to get people to come out and see your film.

Thankfully, in the internet age, there are numerous affordable ways of drumming up support. Podcasts are a great online means to promote the event where your film is screening. Here, you discuss the various benefits of attending the event. To make a podcast even more interesting, you can use background music. There is a lot of free music for podcasts to use without infringing on copyright.

By sharing news of the event on social media, you get to reach out to a large number of people. Social media has numerous promotion tactics, including posting and sponsoring posts, using influencers, and following hashtags.

While promoting your film, always ensure you stick to the theme of the festival. Look at what the organizers are saying in the media and tailor your campaign along the same lines.

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