Beginners Guide to Getting Your Work Showcased at Film Festivals

Suppose you are passionate about film and you have been spending time creating a movie. In that case, you are probably excited about the possibility of getting your work showcased at a film festival. It might sound impossible, especially if you are an amateur who is used to seeing only professional work being presented at such festivals. The tips for using when you want to get your film to a festival are as follows.

Guard Your Premier

Resist the temptation to enter any event that is available to you if you want to make an entry into the big festivals. Many of the discovery festivals, for instance, Tribeca and Sundance always insist on films that have never premiered. If you have been experimenting with the smaller festivals, it might be difficult for you to make a grand entrance. Of course, this does not imply that you avoid all small festivals. It just means that you should have a variety of samples to use at different events.


The value of doing research about the festival you plan to enter cannot be overstated. Look at their history, significance, past winners, and the theme they have if any. No matter how good your work is, if it does not follow the rules or topic, you can be sure that it will be ignored. Dedicate a lot of time to doing research and if possible, reach out to some of the past winners and those who had outstanding films for guidance and inspiration. Watch what was presented and learn a few tricks before you start working on your piece.

Ensure Quality

It goes without saying that film festivals are a place to show quality work. Have a storyline that will capture people’s minds long after the festival is over. Your film should tell a story in beautiful images. It does not have to be expensive. You can get a refurbished iPhone from a trustworthy site and use it to produce your film. It takes patience and understanding of what is happening in society around you.

Attend Film Festivals

For you to understand what happens in film festivals, you must at least attend a few before you start making submissions. You get a chance to interact with people in the film industry, and you also make connections that can be useful when creating your own work.

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